Friday, 14 October 2011

Starry,Starry Night

At night,you can see many glittering objects in the sky.These objects are called stars.A group of stars that from a pattern is called a constellation.Examples of constellations are Southern Cross,Big Dipper,Scorpion and Orion.

Southern Cross can be seen as a brilliant cross in the southern sky.Southern Cross shows the South Pole.

Big Dipper is a group of seven bright stars that forms a pattern of a handle and as bowl.Orion and Big Dipper show the North Pole.

Southern Cross and Big Dipper can be seen between April and June.

Scorpion is seen with its head,long body,tail and stinger.It can seen between June and August.

Orion is seen as a hunter with a belt and sword.It can be seen between December and February.

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